Digital Production

The Digital Production Group focuses on the development and implementation of additive manufacturing in a fully networked, digital production environment.

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Digital Product

The Digital Product Group focuses its research on the development of innovative approaches for digitally supported design and simulative design of AM components.

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Advanced Materials and Processes

The Advanced Material and Processes group conducts research regarding the qualification and development of new materials for additive manufacturing, required machine technology and corresponding process monitoring solutions.

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Cluster Photonics

The Photonics Cluster is an association of industrial companies and RWTH institutions for interdisciplinary and holistic research into digital photonic production chains. In close cooperation with industry partners from sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical technology and toolmaking, the unique physical properties of photons are made available for the production of the future - "from bits to photons to atoms". Researchers from disciplines such as materials engineering, physics, medicine, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and economics are working on the fundamental interrelationships of additive manufacturing for the production of tomorrow.

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