Digital Production

  AM process chain

The Digital Production group focuses on the further development of additive manufacturing in a fully networked, digital production environment: From the digital product model, through automated component and powder handling in an AM factory, to the ready-to-use, certified component, all aspects of additive product development are taken into account.

In this environment, the physical recreation of an initially digital product in the real world is created along the AM process chain (see image). Along this path, numerous innovative, computer-assisted processes, but also conventional production and testing technologies are relevant. In the area of conflict between "digital vs. physical", the potentials and limitations of the individual technologies must be combined to achieve the greatest possible synergy effects.

In addition to enabling the individual processes in the sense of Industry 4.0, for example by means of innovative process sensors, the interfaces between the process steps are of particular importance: they must be sufficiently defined and networked.

Additive manufacturing as one of the "real arms" of digitization offers great potential for successfully testing pioneering technologies for the first time and then industrializing them. This requires robust methods for virtual cooperation, technology databases and AM factory planning concepts on a technical level. In order to implement additive manufacturing in a cost-effective and value-added-optimized way on an industrial scale, DAP researches and develops methods for cost evaluation, supplier qualification and value stream analysis.