Active, multi-aperture beam integrator for application adapted laser materials processing

Erlangen / Dt. Ges. f. Angew. Optik (2012) [Beitrag zu einem Tagungsband]

Invitation to the Joint meeting DGaO-PCN (113. Annual Meeting of the DGaO), from May 29th to June 2nd, 2012, and to the Statutory General Assembly of the German Society of Applied Optics (DGaO), June 1st, 2012, in Eindhoven/Netherlands, Eindhoven Univ. of Techn. / The German Society of Applied Optics (DGaO) e. V., Chairman: Michael Pfeffer and The Photonics Cluster Netherlands, Chairman: Bart Snijders
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Pütsch, Oliver
Stollenwerk, Jochen Hugo
Loosen, Peter